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Avant-garde children’s music for children who prefer rusty toys and moldy candy, bringing you back to a time when you still believed monsters lived under your bed.
Formed in 1995 by Greg Forschler, the music and members have constantly shifted. The band released four CDs between 1995 and 2005, and were almost but not quite posthumously signed to Some Bizarre records. The band has had two distinct singers among its personnel changes, starting with m. Violet, and ending with Bonni Suval. Greg, Bonni and her doll Chatty Patty sometimes still appear from time to time reincarnated as Crib Death.


Greg Forschler - guitar, bass guitar, toys, other.
See also , Greg D Forschler, Emergency Hand Puppet, The Mannequins. Formerly involved with Fotoform, Faith & Disease and Ninth Circle

Bonni Suval - vocals, xylophone, toys. See also Soft Tug

Other members have included:

Phil Petrocelli - drums (Black Noise Cannon)
Shaun Richards - drums, percussion
Thomas Purdy - guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer
Joel Bergstrom - guitar, bass guitar, keyboard (Vibra-Gun)
m. Violet - vocals, accordion
Marcel Feldmar - drums


“I never even knew there should be a band like this until I heard it with my own ears. It makes perfect sense because it doesn’t at all.”

“Anyone who likes Fear of Dolls must think murder and rape is fun.”

“Fear of Dolls are a gift, creating music of a rare intensity, deeply psychological, beautiful and innocent, balanced on the edge of madness.”