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Bless This Broken Body / Dark Water

7" vinyl single | 2008 | Bunnicorn (BC01)
7 Inch Vinyl Cover 7 Inch Vinyl Cover other side

Bless This Broken Body
Dark Water

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Split 7" single. Tractor Sex Fatality covers “Bless This Broken Body” by Fear of Dolls, Fear of Dolls covers “Dark Water” by Tractor Sex Fatality.
Features James of Walrus Machine (saxophone) and Phil Petrocelli of Black Noise Cannon (drums).

Lullabies For Aborted Children

CD | 2005 | self release (FOD004)
Lullabies CD Cover

Can You Hear The Sickness?
Screaming Inside Her
She Was Laughing
Night Time Tea Party
Drop Out
The Laughing Fetus
Sister Morphine
The Prettiest Song
Can You Get Inside Her Through Her Open Sores?

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The quintessential Fear of Dolls album - misleading from the start, misshapen through out. With vocalist Bonni Suval, the songs prey upon the sub consciousness with unclear intentions, somewhere between the silly and the sinister. Includes a cover of the Rolling Stones song “Sister Morphine.”

She Dances Happily To Happy Songs, She Smiles Happily With Happy Thoughts

CD | 2005 | self release (FOD003)
She Dances Happily CD Cover

She Lives Alone
Sister Mary's Scar
Saint Dymphnæ

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Greg Forschler
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Seattle, WA 98102

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Posthumous recording with former vocalist m. Violet, features guest bassist Eric Cooley from Faith & Disease.

Bless This Broken Body

CD | 2002 | self release (FOD002)
Bless This Broken Body CD Cover

Screaming Inside Her
Bless This Broken Body
She Was Laughing

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Greg Forschler
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Seattle, WA 98102

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CD single with Bonni on vocals. Different versions of Screaming Inside Her and She Was Laughing from Lullabies CD.

When The Organ Played At Twilight

CD | 1999 | self release (FOD001)
When The Organ Played CD Cover

St. Dymphna
Bleeding On Her Wings
Fragile Toy
Show Me My Insides
Broken Toy
Persephone Is Scratching

First CD, with vocalist m. Violet. No longer available.



Some Bizarre Double Album

2xCD | 2008 | Some Bizarre
Some Bizarre Double Album CD Cover
Fear Of Dolls - She Was Laughing
Gl1tchg0r3 - Mental Police
The Grid - Put Your Hands Together
Risque - I Want Your Number
Figs - Neva Wave 4
Mothboy - Movement
Toycult - Chinwaggin Shit
Euphoric Insanity - Jungle Cannibals
Misty Woods & Warboy - Head Surf Machine
Rev Spook - Spookz Tha Name
The Knobster - On The Way (To Oklahoma)
Pedro INF - Estrategia Da Aranha No Arame
Kontour - The Kennedy Syndrome
Gary Lucas Vs The Dark Poets - The Judgment At Midnight
Farmacia - Estas Tecnicas
Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Bellybuttons
Heraclite - Helios
Lucid Sketchmaster - Contact Overdose
Asymptote - Megam I Lion Dub
Auxilya - Magda
Fickle Mistress - It Is Machine
DJ Swamp - Worship The Robots
Guggi - Safe Mouse
Odessa - Oh Billie's Day
Sgure - Booyaka Vs Jalla
Circuitry Man - Let Us Dream
Gangpol & Mit - Balatchi Basquetcha
Crackdown (Featuring Andres B / Division Kent) - Superstitious
Zqaty - One More Down For The Clown
A Girl & A Gun - Beep
Sudden Infant - Nag Nag Nag
Satanicpornocultshop - Closer
Kashioboy - People Food Not Dead Animals
First Aid 4 Souls - The Golden Lord's Prayer

Fields Of Fire

LP | 2002 | Miisc Records
Fields Of Fire LP Cover
Metamorphose - Stonehenge
Combat Astronomy - Spoon-Fed
V-drĂ­k - Mecaniques de Masse
Cerebral - Neener's Little Planet
Suspicion Breeds Confidence - Intim Und Nichtsdestotrotz Taub
Ativ - Trace
011001 - Nerve
Cordell Klier
Fear Of Dolls - Broken Toy
Tarmvred - Run/Stop Restore

Dark Treasures: A Tribute to The Cocteau Twins

CD | 2000 | Cleopatra Records
Coctau Twins Tribute CD Cover
Rhea's Obsession- Cicely
Mephisto Waltz- Iceblink Luck
Inertia- Athol-Brose
Jennifer Hope- Seekers Who Are Lovers
Trance to the Sun- The Thinner the Air
Andrea Lane- Violaine
Absinthee- Shallow Then Halo
Faith and Disease- Amelia | The Machine in the Garden- Need Fire
The Autumns- Garlands
Diva Destruction- Persephone
Fear of Dolls- Wax and Wane
Godbox- Blood Bitch
Oneiroid Psychosis w/ Kristy Venrick of the Azoic- Treasure Hiding
Stare- In Our Angelhood

A Tragick Compilation

CD | 2000 | Tragick Records
Tragick Compilation CD Cover
pFrenz-C- Sink Forever
SMP- The Policy
Fockewolf- Metal Fleish
Trance to the Sun- Modus Opera
Aphelion- Passion Of The Queen
The Ginsberg Files- Saving Grace
The Dapper Jones- Grace
Ex Voto- Every time I See Your Face
Gordon V. Raphael- Dialog With Chair
Fear of Dolls- Show Me My Insides
Shadow Light- Raw
Noxious Emotion- Steril(Idiot Stare Mix)
Wighead- Danger Is My Hobby
Apocrypho- Falling Down
Jeff Greinke- Turning Dark

To Jupiter And Beyond

CD | 1998 | Aporia Records
To Jupiter And Beyond CD Cover
Roswell Incident- 4E71
Sianspheric- D'yer Wanna Be J. Spaceman
Land- Ghost Chaser
Velvet Kelvin- Before The Day
Your Team Ring- Collapse Of The City (In Miniature)
Luminator- Strider Tells A Story
Eleven Shadows- Amitabha
Doug Michael & The Outer Darkness- Completely Accidental
Fear of Dolls- The Spikes Of The Gods Into My Head
Head Like A Buffalo- Tastes Like Art
Mother Dust- Untitled
Del- I Wanna Dro

Nocturne Concrète

CD | 1996 | Unit Circle Rekkids
Nocturne Concrete CD Cover
Tinty Music- Refraction Grid
Bill Horist- Shadow Of The Vestibule
Lifesaver Laboratories- Forecast
Rich Hinklin- Interbay
Interference Patterns- Gimp Dirge
Vassily- Highgate
The Rotary Fields- Red Sea
Fear Of Dolls- Sound Of Thorns
The Garden- Flailing Wings
Bethany Curve- Spacirelei
Trance- Forgotten Music
Trachring- Never A Tender Moment
Itonarumori- Layer Parallelism










Nick Zedd Presents: Geek Maggot Bingo

DVD | 2002 | Music Video Distributors
Geek Maggot Bingo DVD Cover
Includes the film Thus Spake Zarathustra which features various released and unreleased Fear of Dolls music


Unreleased Audio

No Special Scars | studio recording

Screaming Inside Her | live at the Rendezvous, Seattle

No Special Scars | live at the Vogue, Seattle 2003

Night Time Tea Party | live at the Vogue, Seattle 2003

Clean Hands | live 1999